Fremin's Food Market
26277 Hwy 23
Port Sulphur, LA. 70083
  • 504-564-0200
  • 504-329-2766
  • 504-912-0560
FAX 504-564-0204
We only provide the finest products of groceries, produce, dairy, frozen foods, and meats.
We have the best reputation for our meats including our own homemade sausages.
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product image Fly Swatter
1 each
No Image Available Cordova Rubber Work Gloves
No Image Available Ear Plugs 80ct.
product image Large Latex Gloves
100 ct.
product image Playtex Handsaver Cleaning Gloves XL
1 Pair
product image Prime Source Medium Synthetic (non-Latex) Gloves
100 ct.
product image X-Large Latex Gloves
100 ct.
No Image Available 10" Deck Brush with Handle
1 Each
product image Broom Straw
1 Each
product image #12 Fine Cotton Mop
product image #32 Medium Cotton Mop
No Image Available #32 Screw On Mop Head
product image Good Help Sponge Mop
1 ea.
product image Libman Tornado Mop
1 ea.
No Image Available Swifter wet jet mop
No Image Available Swifter wet mopping refills
No Image Available Water Hose Nozzle
product image Winco 36qt. Mop Bucket with Ringer
1 ea.
product image Bengal Roach Spray 9 oz.
9 oz.
product image Combat Roach Bait Source Kill 12ct.
12 ct.
No Image Available Harris Roach Tablets
4 oz.
No Image Available PIC Fly Ribbon
4 Pk.
No Image Available Raid Ant & Roach Spray
12 oz
product image Raid Wasp & Hornet Spray
product image Clorox Bleach 121 oz.
121 oz.
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